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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

♦ Sensible solutions to some of Colorado's most pressing problems 
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Sensible solutions to some of Colorado's most pressing problems

By Representative Kevin Priola

In one year, Colorado’s population increased by more than 100,000, pushing our population to nearly 5.5 million people. This growth is certainly a testament to all the wonderful things Colorado has to offer, but with such an increase, our state government must ensure our roads and housing can accommodate accordingly. However, some of the most frequent concerns I hear from constituents are the lack of affordable housing and the poor conditions of Colorado’s roads. Republicans are listening, and in the last two legislative sessions have put forward sensible solutions that don’t require tax increases and can quickly address these critical problems in our state. While our attempts did not garner enough support from House Democrats to become law, I wanted to highlight these Republican-led efforts.

First, Colorado’s growing population is putting affordable housing in very high demand, but builders have all but stopped building condominiums and town homes in Colorado. The problem is Colorado’s current construction defects laws leave builders too vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits. Many builders have said the risk of litigation and the additional insurance costs for potential lawsuits are too much of a deterrent for new projects. To address the issue, Republicans worked closely with industry and housing organizations to craft legislation that would give builders more opportunity to correct defects ahead of any possible litigation, while at the same time ensuring home owners retained adequate ability to litigate if necessary. Builders, city governments, the mayor of Denver and Governor Hickenlooper were among the many supporters of this legislation, and said it would directly lead to more affordable housing construction. Unfortunately, despite overwhelming evidence and testimonials from builders, House Democrat leadership felt the issue was not important enough to consider, and killed every attempt – even one to simply study the issue.

It’s not hard to see Colorado’s roads are in very poor condition. The Colorado Department of Transportation estimates it’s underfunded by approximately a billion dollars annually, making the completion of new projects much less likely given most of their budget is spent on maintenance. Democrats have long sought to raise taxes to fix our roads, but Republicans proposed a solution that didn’t require more money from your pocket. In this last session, I sponsored legislation that could have – with voter approval – invested $3.5 billion in bonds into our state transportation system. Rather than ask voters to approve a tax increase, these bonds would have allowed immediate construction on projects around the state, jump-starting many critical projects and saving the state money given the high inflationary costs of projects years down the road.

I am frustrated that Democrats did not support either of these common-sense solutions. With more and more people making Colorado their new home every day, inaction will only make the demand for affordable housing and poor condition of our roads worse. 

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Kevin Priola

Tweets of the Week

Paul Lundeen @paul_lundeen

State and local money will go to needed work at District 38 school. #coleg…  

Perry Buck @perrybuck4HD49

Here I am trying to keep up with all the volunteers in Berthoud building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Good to see so many for such a worthy cause! Thank you all for your service before self!  
Cole Wist @colewist

Proud that #coleg
 stepped up this year to recognize and condemn #ArmenianGenocide

Capitol Pictures

Representative Lois Landgraf (R-Colorado Springs) watches as the governor signs her bill, Senate Bill 196, into law. The new law will help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have more higher education opportunities in Colorado.
Representative Perry Buck (R-Windsor) working with Habitat for Humanity in Berthoud, CO. 
Representative  J. Paul Brown (R-Ignaico) watches as the governor signs his bill, HB 1256, to help Colorado address the growing water shortage on the Western Slope and Front Range.  

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