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Monday, April 11, 2016 Like 

Democrats' "business" agenda is hurting Colorado

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Democrats' "business" agenda is hurting Colorado

By Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs)

As a member of the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee, I often hear my Democrat colleagues touting their ideas to help Colorado's economy and labor force. However, while I share their goal of economic growth, the deluge of anti-business legislation coming from the left side of the aisle has done more to hurt than help Coloradans' ability to find better jobs or earn higher wages.

In the past two legislative sessions, Democrats have introduced numerous bills that unnecessarily penalized Colorado businesses and added mandates and costs. Several bills presumed businesses were guilty of wrong-doing and required they prove their innocence to avoid public shaming and fines. Democrats have made several attempts to mandate higher minimum wages despite data indicating such a move would cause job losses. Most recently Democrats publicized a bill that would impose massive fines on hundreds of companies for each employee paid an entry-level wage.

It's no surprise that none of these Democrat bills have garnered any support from the business community. Even the governor has questioned the intention of some of this legislation, suggesting that they may be more political in purpose rather than good policy. Our colleagues in the Republican-controlled senate are able to defeat these bad bills by narrow margins, but even the discussion of fines, penalties, mandates, and regulations creates a hostile business environment and can cause companies to choose not to move to or expand in Colorado.

There is about one month remaining in this session, and Republicans will continue to fight hard against Democrats' attacks on business. Many of our members are business owners and entrepreneurs, and bring extensive experience to the debates and committee hearings of the Democrat's bad-for-business bills. From our collective business experience, we know that removing obstacles to growth and minimizing government intrusion into business is the best way to help Colorado's labor force.

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Dan Nordberg

Weekly Update

Representative Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton) talks about a bill that would have increased judicial transparency and the latest in a string of bad-for-business legislation from the House Democrats.

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 Tweets of the Week 

Thanks @CPACOLORADO. I will continue to fight hard for energy policies that serve the interests of our entire state.

Lois Landgraf

Honored to receive the State Distinguished Legislator award from the United Veterans Committee along with Rep Ryden and Senators Crowder and Todd.

Capitol Pictures

Media preview

Representative Lang Sias (R-Arvada) speaks about his bill to help equalize neighborhood and charter school funding.

Assistant House Minority Leader Polly Lawrence of Roxborough Park (second from right) attends the bill signing ceremony for her bill, Senate Bill 034, which increases the penalty for destroying evidence in homicide investigations.

 Media preview

Representative Jim Wilson (R-Salida) leads the opening prayer at the 6th congressional district assembly. 

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