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♦Separating fact from fiction about fracking, oil and natural gas

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Separating fact from fiction about fracking, oil and natural gas

By Lori Saine (R-Firestone) 

Gas prices have steadily fallen over the last couple years, but unfortunately the criticism and condemnation of Colorado's oil and natural gas industry has not waned. The oil and natural gas industry plays an integral role in Colorado, supporting over 200,000 jobs or 6.7% of the state's total employment. They contribute over $200 million to our school districts and contribute over $3 billion dollars annually in labor income. Yet, despite numerous studies and findings that the oil and natural gas industry does not damage our communities or compromise water quality, many critics still call for Colorado to abandon this clean and affordable resource.

As an elected official, I have had the opportunity to tour fracking sites and personally meet with representatives from the oil and natural gas industry to discuss the safety precautions they take to protect our environment. These experiences have helped me appreciate the industry's commitment to safety, but perhaps even more convincing are the studies conducted by institutions like the University of Colorado and the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that have concluded fracking does not pose a threat. In 2014, the University of Colorado Boulder (CU) sampled fracking fluid used in five states – including Colorado – and reported that the chemicals found were no more toxic than many common household substances. Fracking fluid is largely comprised of fine sand and water, and though there are trace chemicals used in the solution, the CU study stated those chemicals can also be found in products such as toothpaste, detergents and even ice cream. Another example is a 2015 EPA study on the potential impacts of fracking on drinking water. This comprehensive study analyzed fracking wells in many regions of the country and concluded that fracking has not led to widespread or systemic impacts on water quality. Most people do not know that hydraulic fracturing has been used for more than 65 years in more than 1 million wells across the country. Fracking is hardly a new, untested technology.

It's important to remember that people working in Colorado's oil and natural gas industry also live in Colorado – and enjoy many of the same activities and qualities Colorado offers. Furthermore, like every Coloradan, I too want my family to breath clean air, drink safe water and enjoy the beautiful Colorado environment. This unfounded notion that only critics of fracking and oil, and natural gas are concerned about our safety and wellbeing is simply theatrics. Safe drinking water and a healthy environment are important to every parent, and supporting Colorado's oil and natural gas industry does not preclude a person from holding these priorities.

I support all forms of energy and am confident the free market will continue to drive innovative solutions for our future energy needs. Currently however, our economy and the citizens of Colorado rely on affordable energy. Many signs indicate the attack on Colorado's oil and natural gas industry appears far from over, but within this debate, we need to separate fact from fiction, and stop critics hoping to dismantle this industry from undermining the importance of these vital natural resources.

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Lori Saine

Weekly Update

Representative Kevin Priola (R-Brighton) gives a brief update on his bill to help improve government efficiency, missing persons day, and an Alzheimer's tax check off bill.

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A big thank you to @ChieftainNews for publishing my oped on CO's transportation problems! No blank checks Gov!

Jon Becker
MVP to Denver Defense!!!!!!! #GoBroncos
Kit Roupe

At Colorado Leg Sportsmen's Caucus. 12 legislators here to learn about their mission.

Capitol Pictures

Senator Chris Holbert and Representatives Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock), Kim Ransom (R-Douglas County) and Kevin Van Winkle (R-Highlands Ranch) united in orange.

Representative J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio) is welcomed to the Colorado Hispanic Republican Debate by the wife, daughter, and granddaughter of local Hispanic businessman, Jerry Natividad.

Media preview

Representative Kit Roupe (R-Colorado Springs) discusses a different approach to Medicaid at the Colorado Assisted Living Association.  

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