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Monday, August 8, 2016

♦Republican-led efforts to improve government efficiency
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Republican-led efforts to improve government efficiency

By Representative Kim Ransom (R-Douglas County)

Constituents often tell me they want government to be more efficient, but when encouraging us to improve government efficiency it can be difficult to quantify what that means. Our state government has more than 32,000 employees, working at more than 20 different agencies that are led by different people. Given this size and complexity, greater efficiency is not something that can be achieved through a single piece of legislation. However, there are several ways to make meaningful progress incrementally. For instance, many of the tasks that state departments perform are mandated in statute. However, if these tasks or no longer beneficial, a new law is required to change the existing mandate. Fortunately, this past session the legislature was able to make progress with several bills repealing obsolete statutes, and I hope these are just the beginning.

On August 10th, two of these bills, House Bills 1081 and 1130, go into effect. House Bill 1081, which I co-sponsored with Democrat Representative Daneya Esgar of Pueblo, repeals a statute requiring the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) to produce several antiquated reports on some of its programs for the state legislature. While this information was once useful, over time the information from these reports was incorporated into other reports, or the programs were eliminated. With the enactment of my legislation, personnel at HCPF will not have to waste time on these unnecessary tasks and can focus on more important priorities.

In addition to House Bill 1081, Representatives Kevin Priola (R-Brighton) and Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction) passed bipartisan legislation to help improve efficiency in other state departments. House Bill 1130, sponsored by Priola, removed several unnecessary mandates on the Department of Education. And House Bill 1026, sponsored by Thurlow, addressed similar concerns in the Department of Revenue. While repealing these statutes are modest in scale, the progress is heading in the right direction. More importantly, these types of bills may help encourage other departments to suggest statutory tasks that can be repealed or updated.

Improving government efficiency is a big task that can only be accomplished in multiple small steps. Both legislators and state personnel must make efficiency a priority and look for ways to reduce waste. I appreciated the bipartisan support for these bills, and hopefully they can generate some momentum to find more ways to improve how our state government spends your tax dollars.  

If you have thoughts or questions about House Bill 1081, or the other similar bills please feel free to contact me. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and you can keep up with all of our caucus updates by following us on Twitter and Instagram, liking us on Facebook, subscribing to our YouTube channel or visiting


Kim Ransom
In The News


  • More Colorado children are ending up in the emergency room because of legalized marijuana. A new study by Colorado researchers and published online by JAMA Pediatrics found emergency department visits and regional poison center calls increased after pot was available for recreational use. ("Pot Edibles Sending More Kids To ER,", CBS4, 07/25/2016)

  • The Grand Valley has landed yet another new company that hopes to change the way oil is extracted from the ground that its owners say could bring the industry back to western Colorado. Thanks to a new tax credit program approved by the Colorado Legislature last year, the company qualified as the seventh under the Rural Jump-Start Tax Credit Program. (“Energy company focusing on shale,” The Sentinel, 07/21/2016)

Tweets of the Week

Cole Wist @colewist

The conventions are over. On to the Olympics! After two weeks of division, it is awesome we will come together as a country.
#USA #Rio2016

Jon Becker @RepJBecker

Great opportunity for Entrpreneurs. Morgan Community College :: Calling Area Entrepreneurs… via @MorganCC

#energyefficiency here at Energy Resource Center learning to stop waste!

Capitol Pictures

Representative Terri Carver (R-Colorado Springs) presents a memorial picture to Jim EJ Mason at the Buffalo Soldier Community Memorial Colorado Springs Dedication. 
House Minority Whip Perry Buck (R-Windsor) attends the grand opening of the Sparq and Acorn compressed natural gas refueling center in Eaton, Colorado.
Representatives Jon Becker (R-Fort Morgan) and Jim Wilson (R-Salida) both received the 2016 Policy Leader Award from the Colorado Association of School Executives.

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