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Monday, February 13, 2017

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Every year we see an article about legislators running the same bills year after year, just to see them killed in committee. There is usually a section in the article regarding “the cost” of running these bills, obviously trying to get the reader to question why we do this in the legislature. Let me be very blunt: we run these bills because it is the right thing to do, because citizens elected us to fight these fights and because in the end we all believe we will persevere.

Some of the perennial bills as of late on the Republican side have fought the roll-back of protections that all free women and men should have. When this country was founded, these protections were in place to prevent the overreach of government, and provide an essential checks and balances between the citizens and their government. Unfortunately, government has been winning this battle at the expense of citizens, and it’s time we take back the ground We The People have lost.

If legislators aren’t willing to fight for the citizens that elected them, then why should they continue to serve? We should be persistent, because in my experience if you continue to fight you may eventually win. A very recent case-in-point: Felony DUI. Although you may not agree with the concept, this bill had been a lame duck, killed year after year. That is until last year, under the stewardship of Representative Lori Saine of Firestone, this bill passed both chambers of the legislature and was signed into law by the governor. If legislators had given up on this perennial loser, this issue would have been a mere footnote in history, instead it is now law in Colorado, and helping to keep many habitual drunk drivers off the roads.

There is no doubt that Republicans will continue to fight for important issues to citizens like religious liberty, the 2nd Amendment, and your ability to protect yourself in your place of business. With more citizens answering the call, and joining the fight, we will persevere together – it is our duty and it’s the right thing to do.

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Justin Everett

House GOP Weekly Update

A bill that would require local government to compensate individuals for mineral rights in situations where the local government bans extraction via fracking.
Thursday, February 23

A bill that would allow school district employees to dispense over-the-counter medication with parental approval, and allows parents and legal guardians to opt out of data collection programs for their children.

In The News
  • The Douglas County Schools Board of Education voted Tuesday night, February 7, to throw their support behind two bills that would expand guns in Colorado schools. The Board of Education voted 4-3 to support both House Bill 1036, which would allow people to carry concealed handguns inside schools, and Senate Bill 5, which would establish a handgun safety training program for school employees who carry on campus. ("Douglas County Schools Board of Education supports bills that would expand guns in schools," ABC 7 News, 02/08/17)

  • A bill to allow Colorado cities and counties to set their own closing time for bars passed out of the House Local Affairs Committee, 11-2, Wednesday afternoon, February 8. The statewide closing time is 2 a.m. now. Fran Lanzer, executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Colorado, said the proposal would invite bar-hopping for later closing times. It also would set up conflicts between neighboring municipalities. ("Closing time for Colorado bars could be decided by cities and counties," Colorado Politics, 02/09/17)

  • After two years of acting as a drag on the Colorado economy, the state’s oil and gas industry is once again in a position to help propel it forward. Oil prices, which rose after recent OPEC production cuts, are now high enough to motivate producers to put more rigs to work, which should translate into more domestic production, said Erica Bowman, chief economist with the American Petroleum Institute, during a visit to Denver on Wednesday. ("Colorado’s oil and gas industry is making a U-turn," Denver Post, 02/09/17)

  • It’s a billion-dollar business — and then some. In 2016, Colorado’s dispensaries bagged $1.3 billion in recreational and medical cannabis sales, based on Colorado Department of Revenue tax data released Thursday. To put the state’s third year of regulated recreational marijuana sales in perspective, Year One totaled $699.2 million (combined with medical sales) and Year Two jumped up to $996.2 million. The trend should continue in Year Four, but beyond that? It’s a murkier proposition. ("Colorado sold $1.3 billion worth of marijuana in 2016," Cannabist, 02/09/17)

GOP Member Tweets

Paul Lundeen @Paul_Lundeen

Give students in chronically failing Colorado school districts hope for change.  Support HB1089 Monday. #coleg

Jon Becker @RepJBecker

The state has $321 million in vacant buildings.  I think we should sell them to pay for K-12 and Transportation.
Cole Wist @colewist

A must fix.  Colorado treasurer takes aim at changes to PERA |
#coleg #copolitics

Capitol Pictures

Representatives Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) and Justin Everett (R-Littleton) in committee as  Jenna Lynn Ellis of the Centennial Institute offers testimony on their bill HB 17-1086.
Representatives Hugh McKean (R-Loveland) and Perry Buck (R-Windsor) pose with Miss Loveland Valentine 2017 McKenna Dellinger
Representatives Clarice Navarro (R-Pueblo) and Jim Wilson (R-Salida) along with Senate President Kevin Grantham at a Canon City Legislative Forum.
Republican Leader Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) is joined by former Representative JoAnn Windholz as she testifies on behalf of his bill HB 17-1085.

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