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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Time to restore tax exemption

By Representative Kevin Van Winkle

Many of you reading this won’t remember the 2010 legislative session. Heck, think to yourself if you can recall any legislation passed back then. You likely won’t remember much of what happened that session, but if I mentioned “The Dirty Dozen,” I bet you will remember those 12 overreaching taxes proposed and passed by the Democrats in the state House and state Senate during what they declared a “fiscal emergency” requiring extraordinary measures to save the state budget.

While no one can argue that our state was in a fiscal turmoil in 2010, the partisan solutions varied as much as the politics itself. We ended up getting stuck with 9 new tax increases to help fill the budget shortfall projected that year, and were able to skate by without major cuts in services which is what Democrats cried would be necessary if these taxes weren’t passed by the legislature.

Since the passage of these legislative measures, our state budget has increased nearly 60 percent. Services have expanded, programs have been funded all on the backs of our citizens paying increased compounding taxes, or worse yet, hidden taxes no one knows about or can remember. This brings me to the crux of this article: the repeal of HB 10-1194.

If you don’t remember HB 10-1194, let me refresh your memory: Eliminate Nonessential Articles Sales Tax Exemption, or “The Doggy Bag Tax.” Since the logic of taking your leftovers home from a restaurant, the box your pizza gets delivered in, the straw provided for your beverage, the napkin to wipe your hands with, or the utensils required to consume your meal are all non-essential items, you have been paying a hidden tax on (above state sales and use taxes) for almost six years now. What this means to you and me is that we are all paying more because of government overreach. With the tax exemption eliminated on take-home food containers, restaurants were forced to add that additional tax to your bill in order to help fill the state coffers during their “fiscal emergency.”

Unfortunately, my first attempt to repeal this effort,  HB 17-1009, Restore Nonessential Articles Tax Exemption, failed on  a party-line vote in committee last week. I am disappointed not a single Democrat voted in favor of helping so many Colorado businesses. But their unwillingness to eliminate this double-tax will not detour me or my fellow Republicans from continuing to try to repeal unnecessary taxes in Colorado. 

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Kevin Van Winkle

House GOP Weekly Update

“President Trump’s swift action to provide regulatory relief gives Colorado exactly the opportunity we need to expedite some critical transportation projects in this state,” said Lundeen. “I, along with the rest of the Colorado Springs Republican delegation am urging Governor Hickenlooper to seize this opportunity without delay and get the ball rolling on Colorado’s most pressing transportation projects as quickly as possible.”
Upcoming Legislation

A bill to remove limitation placed on concealed handgun permit holders that prohibits carrying on school grounds.
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs (Room 271, 1:30 p.m.)

A bill to extend the use of deadly force against an intruder to businesses and employees.
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs (Room 271, 1:30 p.m.)  

A bill repealing the prohibition of magazine size limits and the stamping requirement on magazine manufacturing.
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs (Room 271, 1:30 p.m.)  

A bill requiring signature verification for candidate petitions as well as ballot issue petitions and providing the secretary of state the ability to develop a pilot program for an electronic petition process.
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs (LSB-A, Upon Adjournment) 

A bill requiring that abortion clinics file an annual registration with the attorney general that contains accurate statistics and provides the attorney general the right to make sure such clinics meet certain medical standards.
Health, Insurance, & Environment (Room 271, 1:30 p.m.)

A bill requiring that woman is given information regarding the option of an abortion pill reversal and ensuring that such information is adequately available.
Health, Insurance, & Environment (Room 271, 1:30 p.m.)  

A bill to prohibit the terminating the life of an unborn child, with the exception for medical procedures necessary to protecting the life of the mother.
Health, Insurance, & Environment (Room 271, 1:30 p.m.)  

In The News

  • Colorado’s House Republican leader on Tuesday defended President Trump’s temporary refugee and select immigration bans, saying the orders are a prudent move to understand threats facing the nation. The remarks from Rep. Patrick Neville of Castle Rock came during a resolution by Democrats that encourages President Trump to rescind last Friday’s presidential directives, which temporarily suspended immigration to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries and offered a sweeping prohibition of refugees entering the country. “I don’t think there is any disagreement that we are a nation of immigrants. This is simply a temporary halt in some of the most dangerous areas. That’s all the executive order is,” Neville said. “One could wonder why this House is spending time talking about something that we have absolutely no power to change, when I imagine most Coloradans want us to tackle problems that are our responsibility,” Neville said, pointing to issues such as education, transportation, housing and health care. ("Colorado House Republican leader offers defense of Trump’s immigration orders,", 01/31/2017)

  • A Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs), on Monday announced a bill that would allow victims of certain crimes committed by immigrants in the country illegally to sue politicians who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The proposal, which has not yet been introduced, targets so-called “sanctuary cities” like Denver, Boulder and Aurora, where police and other officials have said they won’t enforce federal immigration laws.("Colorado lawmaker wants to let victims of crimes committed by immigrants sue politicians in "sanctuary cities," Denver Post, 01/30/2017)

  • The cities of Aurora, Boulder and Denver could lose millions of dollars in federal funding under an executive order signed Wednesday by President Donald Trump that would punish municipalities that do not cooperate with immigration authorities. The decree, one of several immigration measures approved by Trump, would give power to the U.S. Attorney General and the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to withhold federal grants from so-called sanctuary cities “except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes,” according to the order.   ("Denver, Aurora at risk for Trump action against so-called 'sanctuary' cities," Denver Post, 01/25/2017)  

  • Up to 30 Colorado hospitals are opting out of the state’s new medical aid-in-dying law, either fully or in part, but whether that means the doctors they employ are banned from writing life-ending prescriptions is a controversy that could wind up in court. At this point, terminally ill Coloradans who want to end their lives under the law will need to find out whether their physicians are allowed to participate. ("About 30 hospitals opting out of Colorado’s medical aid-in-dying law," Denver Post, 01/26/2017)

GOP Member Tweets

Dave Williams @RepDaveWilliams

Today the legislature honors our military.  As a member of the Military/Veterans Committee I express my thanks to all those who serve. #coleg

Steve Humphrey @SteveHumphrey48

Three solid pro-life bills up in Health, Insurance and Environment Committee on February 9th at 1:30 pm. In order...

Jon Becker @RepJBecker

It was nice to meet 4-H members from Weld County at the Capitol today. Great group of young men and women. #4HLeaders

Capitol Pictures

Military honorees attending Military Appreciation Day on the House Floor.
House Republican Leader Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) and Rep. Clarice Navarro (R-Pueblo) speaking with members of the Mexican Parliament who were visiting Colorado on behalf of the International Republican Institute.
Republican Caucus Chair Lori Saine (R-Firestone) poses with the Weld County 4-H who were in Denver for their Leadership Development Conference with 4-H students from all over Colorado.

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