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October 27, 2014  Like

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Before we legalize powdered alcohol, we should consider recreational marijuana's current trajectory.

Did you know there are companies developing powered alcohol that can be dissolved into any liquid beverage? The developers have stated powered alcohol possesses no more risks than liquid alcohol, but from what we have learned from marijuana, new methods of administering a drug can create a whole host of unforeseen safety concerns. Certainly things like edible and concentrated THC existed long before Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. However, once it became legal, innovators were free to experiment with new and more attractive methods to use the drug. Competition has led to higher concentrations, more options and significantly greater availability. While marijuana and alcohol are not the same kind of drug, I have every reason to suspect powdered alcohol could follow a similar growth cycle.

Today, stores are selling gummy bears and candy bars with THC concentrations as high as 10 times that of a marijuana cigarette. We have heard news reports of THC overdoses causing people to react in unpredictable and dangerous ways. Though tragic, it's not surprising parents, schools and hospitals have reported a surge in child use and abuse of new marijuana products. When Colorado legalized marijuana, voters were likely not concerned about kids getting THC coated candy in their Halloween baskets. Yet law enforcement has issued numerous warnings to parents this year about laced candy.

By its very nature, is it possible powered alcohol could be similarly incorporated into household food products? Could it be refined into higher concentrations? Do we know how inhalation or vaporizing it will affect consumption habits and toxicity levels? We have to ask ourselves, "are we prepared to confront the risks of powdered alcohol's inevitable evolution if its legalized?"

There is little doubt that demand will push powered alcohol in new directions and we need to have adequate safeguards in place prior to legalization. The FDA is still evaluating powdered alcohol and I will be introducing legislation in the upcoming session that requires Colorado to develop its own regulations and framework before it can be legalized. While we are forced to be reactive to new developments in the recreational marijuana industry, we have the luxury to be proactive with powered alcohol.

If you have questions or thoughts on this subject please feel free to contact me, and for more information on matters important to our caucus please visit our website, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter


Lois Landgraf


 Tweets of the Week 

Lori @lorisaine

I am honored to win the Common Sense in the Courtroom Award from the Colorado Civil Justice League.


Thank you to all the Farmers in Eastern Colorado, all of Colorado and around the nation for all you do. #NationalFarmersDay

Celebrating with the 6th-7th graders at Macintosh Academy on the awarding of the grant that is enabling them to purchace solar panels for their school! Way to go kids!

In the News

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          Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) recognized as a  "Taxpayer Champion" by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

          Representative Polly Lawrence (R-Littleton) with Congressman Cory Gardner and Kim Ransom.

          A look at the House chamber renovations.

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