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♦A full audit of the health exchange is a step in the right direction

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Rep. Dan Nordberg - Colorado Springs (HD 14)

A full audit of the health exchange is a step in the right direction

By Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs)

In October 2013, Connect for Health Colorado came online, establishing Colorado's own government-run market place for health insurance. This health insurance exchange is a non-profit organization that operates on federal funds as well as fee assessments levied on each health plan. As with any taxpayer-funded organization, there is an expectation of efficiency and accountability, but the legislation that created the health exchange failed to authorize the office of the state auditor to audit its expenditures and performance. As a member of the Legislative Audit Committee, I have attended numerous hearings with members of the exchange's executive staff, and asked for specific information about the progress of the exchange. From their reports, the lack of progress is concerning, and indicates a significant need for more transparency.

Generally, a government entity like Connect for Health Colorado would be subject to a state audit, but the politics surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the resulting state-run exchanges have complicated efforts to increase transparency of our exchange. This oversight has not been without consequences. In 2014, the state auditor performed a limited performance audit – reviewing only a small percentage of transactional records and contracts – and found an alarming amount of waste, contract inconsistencies, questionable expenses and potential federal violations. As recently as the last open enrollment period ending in January, the Colorado health exchange has consistently failed to meet its enrollment goals. The federal funds that helped get this organization running will be ending soon, and with underperforming enrollment numbers, its long-term sustainability may be in jeopardy.

While I remain certain that Connect for Health Colorado isn't a viable approach to health care, my current concerns extend beyond the imprudence of a government-run market place and fall squarely on the long-term impacts to Colorado's taxpayers. This organization continues to collect fees on every health plan in Colorado, effectively making its assessments a tax on all insurance payers in the state. Last year, I was able to pass legislation granting the state auditor adequate access to the exchange's expenditures and performance, and earlier this month, the Legislative Audit Committee unanimously approved my request to direct the state auditor to schedule that audit for this year.

I expect the full performance audit to begin this summer and I'll carefully review the results upon its completion. The future of Colorado's health exchange is unknown, but we need to be prepared and start evaluating alternatives if the exchange cannot continue to sustain itself. What is clear, Colorado needs a health care system that empowers Coloradans to make their own choices, not those mandated by the government. In the meantime, this performance audit is a step in the right direction, and will at long last give Colorado taxpayers some much needed accountability of this program.

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Dan Nordberg 

Weekly Update

Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) talks about the audit committee approving his audit request of the Colorado health exchange, helping military installations and Representative Janak Joshi's resolution honoring the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

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