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♦Creating a lean, efficient government requires small victories

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Creating a lean, efficient government requires small victories

By Representative Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction)

In my 45 years in business, I have come to realize that success is the result of small victories and incremental progress. In the private sector, efficiency generally equals profit, and the more streamlined you can make processes the better your business will function. While I am always looking for ways to improve the efficiency in my own small business, much of my success is due to my employees buying into a culture of efficiency, and taking the initiative to highlight more efficient ways to perform their roles. I recognized the benefit of empowering employees to diagnose inefficiencies early in my career, and continue to help foster this system in my business today. Now in my second year as a state legislator, I believe this same philosophy is possible in our state government.

As we approach the 2016 session, I am working with several state departments to identify and remove some unnecessary and antiquated statutes. One example is a duplicative and rarely reviewed quarterly report that the Department of Revenue is legally required to produce for the state legislature. As this report is required by statute, state employees must take time to draft, review and complete this report – time they could certainly spend doing something more productive. When I discovered this unnecessary report and approached the Department about repealing the statute, my proposal was not only well received, it elicited several more unnecessary and time consuming obligations with which the Department is statutorily-bound to perform.    

You may be thinking that removing some small reports seems rather innocuous on the grand scale of state government, but small victories are the foundation for significant change. There is not a single bill that would shrink government or make it all run more efficiently. The process must come from the inside with employees and personnel each looking for ways to maximize output and improve productivity.

While profit may not drive efficiency in government, I believe most government employees prefer to work efficiently. With the sufficient conduits in place for state personnel to report inefficiencies to the state legislature, we can begin to eliminate some of the unnecessary obligations impeding productivity and help state departments strengthen a culture of efficiency. By themselves small victories may not be groundbreaking, but an accumulation of them is how we will achieve a leaner and more efficient state government.  

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Dan Thurlow

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Capitol Pictures

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Representatives Polly Lawrence (R-Roxborough Park) and Jon Keyser (R-Morrison) attending the Duty to God breakfast along with Secretary of State Wayne Williams, District Attorney George Brauchler, and members of the Starboard Group. 

Representative Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) and Senator Chris Holbert (R-Parker) receiving the Legislator of the Year awards from the Independent Bankers Association of Colorado.


Representative Tim Dore (R-Elizabeth) poses with the Colorado Federation of College Republicans at the Colorado State Capitol.

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