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♦Republican Vision for a Prosperous Colorado

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Republican Vision for a Prosperous Colorado

by House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland)

In my opening day remarks, I spoke about the House Republicans' vision for a prosperous Colorado. In this newsletter edition, we highlight specific legislation and how it fits into this vision. We will keep you informed throughout the legislative session on the progress of our agenda.

As part of our "Vision for a Prosperous Colorado," we will focus on the following categories to reduce regulations, promote growth and make government work with economic development rather than stand in its way.

Transportation is vital for business and commerce to flow through Colorado. Better infrastructure will increase opportunity throughout the state.

  • Ensure Transportation Funding Obligations are Met: In 2009, the legislature passed Senate Bill 09-228, which required transfers from Colorado's General Fund for infrastructure projects for a specified five-year period. This bill will ensure that infrastructure receives the full five years of funding set forth in SB 09-228.

Small Business is a major economic driver in Colorado. We need to encourage small business growth in rural communities, bringing opportunity and development to these areas.

  • Rural Enterprise Zone Incentives: This bill will create additional incentives in rural enterprise zones. These new incentives will give small businesses the resources they need to create more jobs in more parts of Colorado.
  • Increase Business Personal Property Tax Cap: This bill will increase the Business Personal Property Tax Credit, currently capped at $15,000, to $25,000. With this increase, businesses will be able to keep more of the resources needed to increase payrolls and grow their business.
  • Regulatory Reform Act 2015: Regulations on businesses have grown by thousands of pages over the last several years. Many small businesses struggle to keep up. The Regulatory Reform Act is designed to allow small businesses to work with government agencies and make sure they are compliant with new regulations, rather than suffering punitive fines for minor, first-time violations.
  • Level Playing Field between Government and Small Business: In 2013, Democrats passed House Bill 13-1136, which subjected small businesses to punitive damages, yet exempted government agencies. This bill will level the playing field, giving small businesses the same exemption granted to government agencies.
  • Clarify the Purpose of Audits: Too often, audits become fishing expeditions against private companies rather than searching for legitimate discrepancies and illicit activities. This bill will require the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) to clearly state the purpose and the scope of an audit, allowing small businesses to prepare for and cooperate with the audit process.

Quality Education will help ensure we have bright minds moving forward. We can help school districts all over Colorado provide their students a better education.

  • Tax Deduction for Teachers: Many teachers often go above and beyond, voluntarily incurring personal expenses to ensure their classrooms are supplied to ensure they have effective tools to teach. This bill creates a tax deduction to help offset the expenses these generous teachers incur.
  • Direct Surplus Funds to Schools: During the recession, Colorado's schools suffered large cuts to their funding. This bill will direct 70% of excess General Fund before the TABOR cutoff to the State Education Fund and the remaining 30% will be directed to a new fund created for higher education.
  • The GREAT Act: Highly-effective teachers are one of the best ways to improve the quality of schools. The Greatest Resources for Education Are Teachers (GREAT) Act will create a pilot program to allow school districts to offer salary bonuses with the aim of attracting and retaining these highly-effective teachers.

Colorado's Natural Resources can provide clean, affordable and reliable power and are economic drivers in many communities throughout Colorado.

  • Compensate Mineral Rights Owners: A government should not be able to take a person's property without just compensation. This bill will require government entities to compensate mineral rights owners if a ban on energy development is enacted.
Brian DelGrosso

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