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♦Representative Jon Keyser's "HOME Act" Helps Colorado Military Members Reacquire Residency

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Representative Jon Keyser's "HOME Act" Helps Colorado Military Members Reacquire Residency

By Representative Jon Keyser (R-Morrison)

You may have recently read a June 12th editorial written by the Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial Board, praising what they called a "common-sense bill," known as the HOME Act (HOME is an acronym, standing for Honoring Our Military Exemption).  I am pleased to say the HOME Act was passed out of both the House of Representatives and the Senate with overwhelming, bipartisan support and was signed into law by the governor. But I wanted to take a moment, on the heels of Independence Day weekend, to share with you a little bit more about why I think the HOME Act is so important.

 As a Colorado native, an Air Force Academy graduate, and a ground combat veteran that served in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have firsthand knowledge of the hardships endured and sacrifices made by our active duty military women and men and their families. As a legislator, I fully appreciate how things we do down at the state capitol directly affect people's lives. I was proud to author the HOME Act this past session in response to a concern first brought to light by one of my constituents named Mike.

Mike serves in our United States Air Force and is a true American hero—he recently received the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for his actions in Afghanistan.  Mike and his wife are both in the military, and for most of their relationship, at least one of them has been deployed, gone on a temporary duty assignment, training in the field, or assigned to a different base. They have a baby boy and are now expecting the birth of their second child. Like most of us, Mike and his wife carefully watch their budget so they have money to pay for expensive things like childcare and food for their growing family. With their budget in mind, after about 15 years of military service, Mike reluctantly planned to change his residency to a state other than Colorado. Reluctantly, because he is a fifth generation Coloradan with a long family history of military service. Being Coloradan is a great source of pride for Mike and his pioneer family. But Mike and his family had never even been stationed in Colorado while on active duty. You see, it turns out that a majority of the other states allow military members to remain residents of their states without paying state income taxes while they are on active duty. Colorado is in the minority—we require active duty military members to pay taxes to our state, no matter where in the United States that military member is stationed. This is where my bill, the HOME Act, comes in. The HOME Act is the first step in an effort to align Colorado with a majority of other states, to allow active duty military women and men, like Mike, the opportunity to retain their state of residency in Colorado, without adverse financial consequences. Like all of our women and men in uniform, Mike didn't join the military to get rich or to receive special benefits, he joined to selflessly serve our country and fight for the freedoms we hold so dear.

It is a common misconception that the active duty military personnel stationed right here at one of Colorado's seven major military installations are Coloradan.  For the most part, they aren't. Federal law allows military members to change their state of legal residency, and most do change their residency to a state that does not require the service member to pay state income tax. If you have a son or daughter or other family member that is an active duty military member from Colorado, you can tell them that Colorado wants them back! Effective January 1, 2016, they are eligible to reacquire their Colorado residency. As the Colorado Springs Gazette rightly stated, "[i]nstead of incentivizing military members to save money on income taxes by claiming Alaska, Texas or Florida as their state of legal residence, this bill [the HOME Act] incentivizes former residents to re-establish residency in Colorado at no cost to them or the state."

Let's celebrate Colorado's active duty military members and make sure we show our gratitude to those who continue to fight for our freedom. 

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Jon Keyser

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  Congrats to the USWNT!! #USWNT #FIFAWWC
Just a quick note before I go to the Greeley Stampede this evening. Everyone have a fabulous 4th of July!! Thank you to all the men and women who have served and are serving in out military!I Today we salute you all!! 
Happy Independence Day!

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Representative Jon Keyser (R-Morrison) with his daughter in Evergreen at the Rodeo Parade!

Representative Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) and U.S. Senator Rand Paul pose for a picture at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver

Representative Yeulin Willett (R-Grand Junction) with fellow teammates at the annual Ride the Rockies.  

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