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Protecting Students' Privacy

By Representative Paul Lundeen (R- Monument)

Data, when used properly, can bring important increases in learning achievement. At the same time, when used incorrectly, it can threaten the basic rights we have as Americans. Current technology has made it all too easy for schools and school districts to mine data on their students and collect seemingly unnecessary information. This increases the chances, however unintentional, that students can be profiled based on personal preferences, cultural and racial identities, religious affiliation, economic status, and social and political tendencies.

It was with this in mind that I introduced House Bill 1108, which expands protections for students' privacy.  This bill puts power in parents' hands so they can guarantee that their children's personal information is not being needlessly collected.

House Bill 1108 requires that school and school district employees obtain permission from a minimum of 85% of parents or legal guardians of students before administering any survey, assessment or evaluation. Additionally, the school must state the purpose for collecting the information on students when seeking the approval from the parents. Also, parents and students can still opt out of a survey even after the threshold is met by the school or district.

Furthermore, the bill stipulates that the future information that is gathered must be protected. It ensures that this data is kept accurate and up to date and will be secure from loss and exposure. This information is also required to only be kept by the district for as long as it is relevant and serves its intended purpose.

These provisions will grant students and their families extra protections, securing their right to protect their personal information. House Bill 1108 is a grassroots proposal that has been formulated through collaboration with parents of public school students and members of the community. These people have made the conception of this bill possible and now you can help make this proposal a realization.

House Bill 1108 will be heard in the House Education Committee on February 9th at 1:30pm and public testimony is welcome. 

Paul Lundeen

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Capitol Pictures

Rep. J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio) with his local 4H group visiting the Capitol.

Rep. Jon Keyser (R-Morrison) celebrating the passage of his very first bill out of the House of Representatives.

Rep. Yeulin Willett (R-Grand Junction) presenting his first bill on 2nd Reading on the House Floor.

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