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2015 Session Review

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2015 Session Review

By House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland)

On Wednesday evening, the first regular session of Colorado's 70th General Assembly adjourned. Republicans started the session with a vision to help address issues in every region of Colorado, and while we made progress, there is still work to be done. Throughout the interim, members of the Republican caucus and I will work diligently with our respective communities to identify issues we can address through legislation. As citizen legislators, we rely on input from our community, and I encourage you to connect with your respective representative if you have thoughts or questions to discuss.  

Additionally, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the bills we identified in our caucus agenda at the beginning of the session.  We categorized our agenda into four subjects: Jobs and the Economy, Responsible Government, Public Safety and Victim Protection, and Education.  Below is an update on all of our caucus agenda bills as well as a link to our 2015 Legislative Session Review packet. 

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Brian DelGrosso

Jobs and the Economy

Senate Bill 180 Regulatory Reform Act of 2015 (Neville P.)

House Bill 1065 Regulatory Reform Act of 2015 (DelGrosso)

Would have required state agencies to provide written warnings to small businesses for first-time violations in lieu of a fine. Killed on a party-line votes. 

House Bill 1172 Repeal Punitive Damages Employment Discrimination (DelGrosso)

Would have leveled the playing field between small business and the state government when awarding damages. Killed on a party-line vote.

House Bill 1176 Department Of Labor And Employment Audit Authority (Tate)

Would have limited the authority of the Department of Labor and Employment to conduct audits or investigations to the initial purpose of the audit or investigation. Killed on a party-line vote. 

House Bill 1177 Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program (Willett & Becker K.)

Would have created a rural economic development initiative grant program to stimulate economic growth in rural communities. Passed the House but killed in the Senate.

Responsible Government

House Bill 1109 Additional SB09-228 Transfers To HUTF & Capital Construction (DelGrosso)

Would have fulfilled the full five years of transportation funding promised in SB 09-228. Killed on a party-line vote.

House Bill 1110 Local Government Fracking Ban Liable Royalties (Buck)

Would have required counties that enact fracking bans to compensate mineral rights owners for the loss of access to their property. Killed on a party-line vote.

Senate Bill 019 Health Exchange Audit (Nordberg)

Expands the Colorado Office of the State Auditor's authority over Connect for Health Colorado. Signed into law.

Public Safety & Victim Protection

House Bill 1043 Felony Offense For Repeat DUI Offenders (Saine)

Gives district attorneys the option to prosecute a fourth DUI in a lifetime as a Class 4 felony. Passed House and Senate. 

House Bill 1031 Ban Use Sale Possession of Powdered Alcohol (Windholz)

Authorizes the Department of Revenue to establish a regulatory framework for the sale of powdered alcohol in Colorado. Signed into law. 

House Bill 1174 Information Protections Domestic Violence Victims (Carver)

Prohibits state and local governments from knowingly disclosing the actual address or other personal information of domestic violence victims in online databases. Signed into law.


House Bill 1058 General Fund Surplus Transfers For Education (Becker J.)

Would have allocated future budget surpluses to K-12 and higher education to help reduce the negative factor. Killed on a party-line vote. 

House Bill 1104 Educator Expenses State Income Tax Deduction (Navarro)

Would have created a $250 state tax deduction for teachers, which mirrored a former federal tax deduction, to offset the cost of books, supplies and computer equipment that is paid for by the teacher for use in their classroom. Passed the House but killed in the Senate.


2015 Legislative Session Review

House GOP Weekly Update

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) gives the final weekly House GOP Update for the 2015 session 

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15' Colorado Leg. session is over. Many good outcomes, one of which is reducing testing in K-12 & returning flexibility to districts

Thanks to our House staff for all of your hard work during this session!
Felony DUI passes Senate. This is a huge victory for all the families who lost loved ones but championed law in capitol to help others.

Capitol Pictures

        House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) meeting with members of the capitol press corps to discuss the 2015 session.

Representative Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton) at the Cinco de Mayo festival in Denver.

A view of the House floor from behind the Chief Clerk's desk. (credit: Rep. Don Coram)

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