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♦2016 Republican Agenda Legislation: Lean, Efficient and Responsible Government and Transportation  

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2016 Republican Lean, Efficient and Responsible Government Agenda Legislation

House Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence - Roxborough Park (HD 39)

Assistant Minority Leader Polly Lawrence (R-Roxborough Park) will introduce a bill requiring the judicial branch comply with Colorado's Open Records Act (CORA) similarly to the legislative and executive branches. A 2012 appellate court ruling determined the judicial branch is exempt from complying with CORA.

"Today, a citizen can request to see how their tax dollars are being spent by the governor's office, any executive branch department and the legislature, but that same request can be denied by the judicial branch," said Lawrence. "All branches of government should be equally transparent to the citizens, with no branch held to a different standard."

Rep. Dan Thurlow - Grand Junction (HD 55)

Representative Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction) will introduce a bill to repeal obsolete and unnecessary reports required by state statutes.

"Making any organization more efficient is a journey, not a destination. There is no single bill that would shrink government or make it all run more efficiently, it requires state employees looking for ways to maximize output and improve productivity," said Thurlow. "This bill is one example of government working together to eliminate unnecessary mandates, and I hope it is the start of many more conversations about how we can create a leaner more efficient government."

House Minority Whip Perry Buck - Windsor (HD 49)

House Minority Whip Perry Buck (R-Windsor) will introduce a bill requiring a municipality that enacts a fracking ban to compensate affected mineral rights owners for the lost use of their property.

"A mineral right is as much a person's property as the land that surrounds it, and our government should not have the authority to deprive an owner the use of their property without just compensation," said Buck. "This is sadly the second time I have introduced this bill, and I am deeply concerned about the precedent set by allowing the government to take a person's property without compensating them."

2016 Republican Transportation Agenda Legislation

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso - Loveland (51)

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) will introduce a bill referring a bond measure to the people of Colorado. With voter approval, the law would allow the state to issue $3.5 billion in bonds to fund more than 60 transportation projects around the state.

"With the growing list of important transportation projects, a trans-bond bill will provide $3.5 billion dollars to complete more than 60 projects throughout Colorado," said DelGrosso. "The Department of Transportation is struggling to maintain our existing roads, and without a large infusion of funding their list of critical transportation projects will likely never be completed."

Rep. J. Paul Brown - Ignacio (HD 59)

Representative J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio) will introduce a bill fulfilling the five years of transfers promised in Senate Bill 09-228 by adding an additional year of transfers for each year that the transfer is reduced or eliminated.

"Our current transportation budget is not keeping up with our infrastructure's rate of deterioration or the increase in our population," said Brown. "In 2009, the legislature put in place a mechanism to give the Department of Transportation five years of general fund transfers and this bill simply ensures they receive five full transfers."

Rep. Dan Nordberg - Colorado Springs (HD 14)

Representatives Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) and Brown will introduce a bill to increase transparency in the Colorado Department of Transportation.

"The condition of our roads and bridges is not only crucial to keeping Colorado families safe, it is essential to the growth of our state's economy," said Nordberg. "With so many of our roads in such a state of disrepair, greater transparency of the Department Transportation will help ensure taxpayer dollars are being used effectively and efficiently to improve transportation in Colorado."

Press Releases

In the News

 Tweets of the Week 

I attended the first Colorado Water Congress meeting of the year. Water storage on the South Platte will again be one of my priorities. 2 million acre feet of water escaped Colorado last year that could have been stored and used in Colorado.

Enjoying breakfast with CO biz leadership at #bizpreviewco breakfast. Thanks @Steptoe_Johnson for hosting.

Attending the Eagle Scout ceremony for Brenden Davis and Sam Hines tonight in Roxborough. Congratulations to both for their hard work and dedication to scouting.

Capitol Pictures

Representative Yeulin Willett (R-Grand Junction) receives an award from the American Conservative Union for Conservative Achievement.

Representative Janak Joshi (R-Colorado Springs) along with Senators Kent Lambert and Owen Hill speaking at a town hall meeting at the Colorado Springs Christian Schools building. 

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